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The process of amplifying fuzzy DNA can be divide into several stages: Finding brand value – something that defines it. At this point, you should indicate the values ​​important for the brand and those important for customers and find common points. A detaile analysis of the target group can be very helpful here. Brand Promise. This is something we promise the customer. Something that will make him want to choose our company. The promise must match the reality. It should define what the brand is, what distinguishes it from others, what higher idea stands behind its activity Brand style.

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It defines how the company communicates with the environment. Correcting communication errors is crucial. The brand should be given human characteristics. distinguishing features. It’s everything the brand has that others don’t. Something that phone number list sets it apart from the competition. It can be a specific product, its unique feature, some important story behind it, awards or distinctions, production method, customer service. Differentiators must be clear. Let us remember that something that is obvious to us is not necessarily a guarantee for the client. That’s why it nees to be emphasize.

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In the process of strengthening the brand’s DNA, its identity plays a key role. Make sure it is strong and visible to the environment. Identity includes elements of visual identification (such as logo, name or characteristic appearance of products), customer Optin List service standards, organizational culture of the company, CSR activities, etc. Expressive brand DNA Expressive DNA is a guarantee of consistency. It is something that defines the brand, it is a solid foundation of all its activities. Thanks to it, the company does not fall into mindless following trends. Its activities are uniform, base on specific goals. What distinguishes a brand with a distinctive bottom?

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