Choose The Perfect Item For The Impulse Shopper

Having your products ready ahead of time will set you up for a less hectic and fluid live event. Also, choose suitable items for instant shoppers.

During live selling on the marketplace, you’ll be actively tagging each item sold while answering questions and questions in chat — all this happening at once so you need to be quick to respond or you’ll lose momentum.

Make sure all your tagging tools are readily available or someone can help you with the tagging so you can move on and introduce the next product.

Check your equipment again
The last thing you need is to run into a technology failure during peak audience engagement. Test audio, camera, battery, and even internet connection before going live.

Have backup equipment in case something unexpected happens

Generates some excitement
You can’t do direct sales when you don’t have an audience. To promote first. Uploading product snapshots or video teasers can generate a splash, while promises of incentives will keep your viewers hooked.Source: Lazada Philippines
Live streaming is also a great way to launch a product or promote a preview. Allowing your viewers to see the first look and the opportunity to take advantage of new items before they hit the shelves promotes exclusivity.

During a live session
Give importance to the first 3 minutes
It’s tempting to relax while you wait phone number list for viewership numbers to climb, but remember: you need the first few viewers to stay tuned.

Once you hit that live button, fire up your game view and give a shout out to your early participants. Start building hype by letting them know what’s in store and what amazing products you’ll be showing today.

Make the product the center of attention

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Live streaming sessions should show users what the product looks like, what materials it’s made of, its features, how to use or arrange it – just like in a physical store where a sales associate presents the product to customers.

But the best thing about these in-person settings is that instead of the customer putting the product aside after browsing, they complete the transaction online.

Be fun, entertaining and exciting
Show, don’t tell. Take advantage of the fact that customers see your products in person. Let them experience goods virtually, and Optin List make them understand your product better.


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