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Email marketing 2022. Why it is still a fundamental tool for companies marco targa – 19 july 2022 email marketing email marketing is one of the corporate marketing tools in use for the longest time. In reference to the digital age. And which shows no signs of losing ground. On the contrary. In recent years it has acquire even greater specific weight. There are of course reasons behind this success. We believe it is useful to analyze the phenomenon. Starting above all from some statistical data. To understand the key aspects to focus on to do business through corporate emails. You might be intereste in. “Email marketing. The key development factors for 2022” email marketing. 

What the statistics say email marketing

Preparing a targete email marketing strategy and carrying out the subsequent operational phases is not a simple  operation. But nor is it one of new database the most expensive – at a marketing level – for a company. We are talking about a tool that is still extremely effective for reaching prospects and customers. Laying the foundations for an interaction aime at sales or specific conversions. An extremely important reality. Such as the mailup statistical observatory on email marketing. Recently presente its 2022 report. A set of extremely important data and statistics to study and better understand this methodology. 

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All the email marketing trends and statistics for 2022! Email marketing and covid a premise is necessary. The data in question refers to a period still Optin List strongly influence by covid-19. Even though the growth of email marketing was consistent even during the years preceing the global pandemic. The 2022 statistical observatory took into consideration the email sends made by companies in the period january-december 2021 through the use of mailup platforms. The overall figure is truly significant. There are more than 15 billion messages sent from a base made up of 10.539 platforms. The message types are divide as follows. – 26.6% dem (direct email marketing) – 69.1% newsletter – 3.6% transactional emails furthermore. The observatory considere the various types of areas. B2b.