How To Get More Sales Using Direct Selling On Marketplaces

Online shopping has become more interactive as Southeast Asia’s leading eCommerce platform continues to drive innovation to assist sellers in their direct selling in the marketplace.

Recently, Shopee launched a “Livestream Call” feature on Shopee Live where sellers can answer questions via audio and video calls.

This feature aims to increase customer engagement and provide a better customer experience during live sessions.

Direct selling, now also called Live eCommerce, has grown rapidly into an innovative sales channel since its start in May 2016. By 2020, its value is expected to be $171 billion.[ * ]

Currently the most purchased live commerce

platforms are based in China, but businesses around the world are now catching up.
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Bonus question: Are influencers more effective at direct selling?
Start selling directly on the marketplace now before it’s too late!
Why is direct selling effective?
Perhaps the most obvious reason consumers like to shop through direct selling is because it simulates the feeling of going to a physical store. This gives a sense of authenticity as live selling requires no editing and effects, so they believe that they will get what they actually see during the live stream.

But actually, it’s more than that.

Based on the Chinese user base where they coined the term “Shoppertainment”, live selling is more of an entertaining interaction between the viewer and the seller.[ * ]

If you can look at the most profitable direct selling events, they have three consistent components: fun, excitement, and entertainment. These three things are injected by technology and innovation.

So get to the point – direct selling whatsapp mobile number list isn’t just like a conference call. Your goal here is to keep the audience engaged and hold their attention for as long as possible.

So how do you get people to buy during your live selling? read on.

Tips for increasing direct sales conversions
The eager direct sales shopper’s expectations have expanded from simply shopping online to expecting a mix of more immersive and entertaining events — all happening at once.

To help you prepare for your next live session

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here are actionable direct selling tips you can use:

Before the live broadcast
Plan ahead
Technically, it’s easy to set up a live streaming event. All you need is good lighting, a camera and a platform and you are good to go.

But remember, once you’ve gone live and the cameras are rolling, there’s no more cuts and reshoots. That’s why professional live streamers Optin List do thorough preparation and research before a live session.