Link Building as the Main Determinant

It is expected that backlinks will determine which website wins the competition for the top position in the SERP rankings.

Imagine that you enter the term “gardening” into the search engine field. You see websites that do not explain the secrets of proper plant care or simply do not specialize in gardening. So why did they appear in Google results? Thanks to links implemented correctly on the website. Do you already know how powerful a properly built link profile is? So let’s move on to the next discovery of 2023.

Number 4. New year, new EEAT concept
What does the acronym EEAT stand for? This is an extension of the English-language Experience – Expertice – Authority – Trust . Previously.

Number 5 Keep going with Parasite SEO

EAT was a popular idea. Supplementing the concept with experience indicates that the quality of content will be assessed not only by understanding the topic discussed, but also by the experience of the creator.

What does this mean in practice? As in life, people who have Ws Data experienced a given situation and are able to look at a specific problem through the prism of their own experience are often more trusted. Authors who, in addition to their professional knowledge, demonstrate the practical application of the discussed solution will be more appreciated.

Number 5. Keep going with Parasite SEO!
What is Parasite SEO? These are opportunities to publish content on websites of authorities in a specific field.

Number 6 Niche Algorithm Updates Soon

This strategy is popular among beginners and experts who strive to take first positions in the Google ranking.

Can you call it “parasitism”? Well, your website kind of benefits a lot from being listed on the Optin List host platform. There is no doubt that Uncle Google prefers websites that have high authority. By using reputable websites, you have a chance to stand out from others and gain a high position in the SERP rankings.

Number 6. Niche Algorithm Updates? Soon!
There is a growing tendency to introduce more updates among algorithms. Just look at the previous years to see the “boom” of new things on the SEO market.

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