Problems That Occur When Reading

Read less and you will be smarter..

You may think I’m being silly, but I have a reason for saying so.

In this day and age, we all have the same problem..

… i.e. can’t remember what has been read!

Garbage In. Garbage Out..
smartphone interference with readingWith 600 thousand-1 million units of books published, 1 billion web pages in existence and 16 million active Facebook pages worldwide (not including other social media) — we live in a world that is very dense with information.

Our pockets carry a very wide library which was never imagined before

It’s crazy to think how we can all survive in this Database flowing ocean of information.
We are constantly processing information.

We Sneak Into Our Facebook. And Twitter Newsfeeds All the Time.

We Take Out Our Smartphones. When Stopped at a Red Traffic Light. Because We Are Afraid of Missing Something Important.

Information attacks us from all angles every time.

reading redundant information

According to Wikipedia :

A study in 1997 found that 50% of employees in 1000 companies were distracted by email more than 6 times an hour.

This constant tap of information increased dramatically 19 years later.

In 1997 there was no smartphone yet. Gmail, social media and short messaging systems (SMS) had also not been invented.

Uber succeeded because its founder did not hide his ideas Uber started from one very valuable tweet


Although luck played a role in this, if Travis Kalanick was Optin List still harboring the idea, there is a good chance that uber would not exist today.

By connecting your ideas with the right people, it will help us a lot to get feedback from them.

What is most important is how we polish the idea, test it, and how it is implemented in the right way.

And God willing, valuable people around you will help you make it a reality.

Don’t store the ideas in your head, go out there and tell the world.

Here the co-founder of Buffer has some good advice:

If someone does take your idea, they will never have the passion you have for it because they didn’t come up with it.

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