Types of Employment Contracts in Spain

If you get lost between technicalities and clauses, this article is for you. Learn about the different contract styles, their pros .And cons (and what to expect if you’ve already signed one, of course).

If there is something difficult to decipher, it is an employment contract: conditions, rights. A multitude of clauses and an endless number of sections that, far from shedding light, end up making it more difficult to read.

As a result of the latest labor reform and royal decree-law 32/2021. There are some changes that you should take into account. Are you thinking of moving to spain ? In this guide we explain each of the types of employment contracts in spain, how they work, their pros and cons.

Types of permanent contracts

As its name indicates, the permanent contract is one that does not have a predetermined end date . Therefore, said contract could last until the end of your working life if none of the termination conditions are met during its course.

This is the list of types of permanent contracts that exist:

Full-time permanent contract.
Permanent part-time contract.
Fixed-discontinuous permanent Phone Number List contract.
Indefinite contract for employees of the family home.
Permanent contract for people with disabilities.
Indefinite contract in special employment centers.Indefinite contract for people in social exclusion.Indefinite contract for people over 52 years of age.Indefinite contract for victims of gender violence.
Currently, in relation to permanent employment contracts. The following reasons are established to terminate them.

Voluntary leave of the worker.
Permanent disability of the worker.
Objective dismissal.

When does a permanent contract end

Phone Number List

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a permanent contract.
Among the main advantages of having an indefinite Optin List contract. The economic stability of having a long-term contract and the right to greater compensation. If a dismissal is suffered during the employment relationship stand out. It is also one of the best options to obtain a residence permit in spain .

On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage is the fact of suffering demotivation. Due to the lack of new professional challenges, although this always depends on the company and the sector in which it operates.

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