Can You Open an Online Bank Account in Portugal

Most of the traditional Portuguese banks will require you to open the account in person, but there are several that will allow you to start the registration process without leaving your home, although the most common is that they ask you to go to a branch to complete the process opening of your account.

If you choose a completely digital bank, you can have all the traditional banking services (money transfers, deposit guarantee, etc.) without having to set foot in a branch. These types of banks usually offer great flexibility, since they allow you to use their Customer Service from anywhere in the world at any time. Of course, make sure that it is a bank with a full banking license and not an electronic money institution, in order to have access to all kinds of financial services (money transfers, currency exchange, etc.).

But what is a banking license

In short, an entity must have a banking license in order to be a proper bank. Since July 2016, N26 online bank has been fully licensed as a bank, which means it can offer a full range of banking services, including bank accounts and guarantee deposits up to €100,000.

How to open an online bank account with N26
N26 obtained its full European banking license in July 2016, which Latest Mailing Database means it offers all the services expected of a bank and much more, including a deposit guarantee of up to €100,000.

Take a look at our page to see all the types of accounts we offer.

Thanks to N26, you can open a bank account in Portugal in a matter of minutes directly from your mobile. You only have to follow four simple steps:

Visit , click on “Open a bank account” and enter your details.

Do you have doubts about the type of account that suits you

Latest Mailing Database

Select the type of account that best suits you: N26 Standard (free) or a premium account such as N26 Smart, N26 You or N26 Metal. Our premium plans include smart savings Optin List and budgeting tools, offers from partner brands and much more.
Verify your identity in a quick and easy process that will take you less than 8 minutes; and link your mobile to your new account.
Make your first deposit and start using your account immediately directly from your mobile.

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