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Instead of campaigns in the field or advertising in the cinema, the easiest way to reach customers today is through social meia, where they spend more and more time. Certainly, video as a form of expression of creators will develop dynamically. Youtube is currently booming. From just 3-4 years, you can also post Insta Stories, Facebook Live and videos on Tiktok, which many users are just starting to appreciate. The forms of selling directly through these platforms are slowly gaining momentum, and this gives additional opportunities.

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When it comes to more specific trends, video forms and photos that look raw, uneite will be popular. Even if professionals are responsible for the scenario, lighting or eiting, it makes a good impression on users when the whole thing feels spontaneous Latest Mailing Database and “home”. It’s no wonder that the most popular influencers and the biggest brands share selfies or videos recorde with a mobile phone, although they can afford more professional materials. This will certainly be the case in 2022. Indirect and direct competition – what’s the difference? December 21, 2020 Community blog Direct and indirect competition have a big impact on your company’s chances of success.

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You nee to know these two terms if you want to leave your competitors behind. Perhaps you do not nee to take radical advertising actions, because your competition is not very efficient and does not invest in advertising. However, it may turn Optin List out to be the other way around. Step one – competitor analysis What are direct and indirect competition? Indirect competition – examples Indirect and direct competition – similarities and differences If each of your competitors has a different, highly successful strategy, you would nee to invest more than all of them combine to get ahead. And it’s in all communication channels.