How to get your local customers to find you online?

Local search is a hot topic among WSI agencies around the world. Alison Lindemann , a WSI Top 25 Revenue Earner and Top Gun recipient since 2004. With decades of experience in digital and traditional marketing. At her Los Angeles-based agency, is also the author of the chapter titled. Lead Nurturing in our Digital Minds book. Recently, Alison taught a webinar on how to make it easy for your local customers to find you online.


Define your local searches and benefits

Local search means that someone searching for something in the local market. Where you are can find you. It is ideal for businesses company data with a geographic focus because a local search. Develop trust and loyal customers. Increase visibility, site traffic, leads and foot traffic. Avoid the waste of time that comes with competing against the eCommerce giants.


Four types of search results

The areas of the Google local search results page. Where it is possible to list your business. Google My How to Business maps (GMB) . Although it is a free Google profile. The enormous Optin List number of businesses that do not use these listings is striking. 90% of customers use GMB to search for a local business. Search Engine Optimization maximizes your online presence based on a set of ranking criteria. Such as proximity, relevance, and prominence (the quality of your website), so that Google includes you on a relevant site in its results.

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