Is it worth quitting your job to pursue your interests

Is it true that we will be happy when we quit our jobs and do what we love?

When I know someone wants to quit their job to pursue their interests and dreams, my feelings are divided into two:

1. Amazed

Although it has nothing to do with me, but I am really impressed by people who are kind of enthusiastic.

Interesting things often happen to someone who steps out of their comfort zone and opens up the space to pursue their dreams.

2. Worry.

What if the dream is actually unrealistic?

How does he want to continue living? Could this affect his family

So, is it worth quitting your job to pursue Database your passion and dreams?
It has become a trend now, many of us decide to quit our current job in order to pursue our dreams, interests or other careers that we feel are more profitable.

Everyone may have a different opinion.

Everything is right and not wrong, because everyone’s life path is not the same.

But for me there are some things that should be refined accordingly because the impact will have a lifelong impact.

1. Chasing dreams – a must in life?
Following your passion might be the most often given career advice. But it just might be steering you in the wrong direction.

Let’s agree on one thing: it is very difficult to find something that we are really interested in.

Wherever we are, don’t compare our lives with others.

Be grateful and accept reality as it should be.

Many people have finally stopped chasing their dreams over the years


They regret the missed opportunity.

As the Malay saying goes ~ The sound of thunder Optin List in the sky, the water in the pitcher is poured.

For example; I write a lot.

I love to write and share my writing with others.

Through writing I can learn many things. I have been doing this for years.

But is this really my interest?

In fact, now my interest has shifted towards the world of photography.

It is true that I am interested in writing, but now I spend a lot of time taking pictures.

So should I change my career to a full-time photographer because I’m really passionate about it?