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 There’s a simple answer: a combination of search intent and purchase intent. Let’s look at several different levels of specificity and the way it relates to what the searcher had in mind when typing in their query: face mask – as an advertiser. You can’t quite narrow down what the user had in mind when searching for this. Is it a sleeping mask? A face mask? What skin type is in question? And what if it’s a pollution protection mask? It’s a vague search term. Google shopping results have the same challenge: a quick-start guide to google shopping face mask for oily skin diy – this term doesn’t show any purchase intent. But rather the nee for information and diy face mask recipes.

As a result

. No products are liste. And instead we see a feature snippet: a quick-start guide to google shopping face mask for oily skin – now that diy isn’t specifie any longer. We see a carousel of products new database that all come from different sellers and brands. Google considers these masks good for oily skin types and aims to prompt the user to click through one of them to make a purchase. In this case. The user’s awareness of liste brands and sellers has the most impact on the purchase decision: a quick-start guide to google shopping glamglow gravity mud – this is a search hyper-specific to a certain brand and its product. In this case.

 All the liste products are identical

 All the liste products are identical. But the sellers. Prices. And reviews vary. In this case. It’s more likely that the price and shipping will influence the purchase decision the most: a quick-start guide News Us to google shopping you can take almost any product category and come up with examples of lower and higher purchase intent queries. More specific terms typically mean a higher purchase intent and a better chance for products in google shopping to shine through and lead to a sale. Some more examples: ‘desk’ versus ‘white office desk free delivery’ ‘jeans’ versus ‘women’s high-waiste rippe skinny jeans’ ‘sneakers’ versus ‘white new balance sneakers womens’ “facebook displays ads to users regardless of their purchase intent. You can get people who are intereste in the topic.