steps prior to designing a social media strategy for our Hotel

It is important that we know the strengths and weaknesses of our establishment. A previous tour of the entire hotel , an analysis or evaluation of the quality of the land and contact with the most common tasks performed by our staff, among other factors, will be necessary for the future development of a more personalized and effective strategy. 2. Define the general objectives of our hotel We must establish what our needs and those of our audience are (based on a clear understanding of how social media will change the communication between our hotel and its guests) , to make it easier for us to determine our objectives . In social networks it is not about reaching people massively and in any way, but rather our main objectives must be based on preparing.

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steps prior, We must already have our target or target audience well defined (if not, this is the best time to do it) , because job function email list we will get to know their main priorities, tastes, habits, etc. It will be of great importance when designing our strategy. In order to have fertile ground that will make us grow and reach our target audience more efficiently and effectively, we must first find out what channels or social networks they use (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Youtube, Foursquare, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor , etc.). Perhaps the best way to do this is to ask our own guests and potential clients, and then dedicate all our effort, time and attention to designing and directing our social media strategy or plan to those platforms. 4. Train and train our work team.

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steps prior, Once we have identified our most suitable direct collaborators and the online platforms that we want Optin List and should use, the training of these people can begin (here our social media advisor or Community Manager plays a crucial role ). Furthermore, it is always advisable to try to involve all members of our hotel team in the project , because they are the ones who interact with clients on a daily basis. They must be offered the possibility of participating with their opinions and/or collaborating with the promotion or dissemination – to guests – of the hotel’s pages and accounts on social networks. “No social media strategy, no matter how well designed, will be healthy without the support of our team members” 5. Prepare the groundwork for general online.

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