Twitter Marketing Strategy Here’s How We Do It

I’ve managed Ahrefs’ social media accounts for nine months now—and it’s been a journey, from experimenting with content formats to figuring out what engages people the most. To keep things succinct, I’ll be focusing on our primary social media platform: Twitter. I’ll also make it clear now that I won’t cover my content creation process in too much depth, since many people expressed more interest in learning about our growth strategy and how we measure engagement. Twitter’s a convenient way to build camaraderie, lead conversations, get immediate feedback, as Twitter Marketing well as respond quickly to mentions and/or related news.

Mind-blowing right

Now let’s get to the reasons for Ahrefs’ focus on the social media platform: It’s the place for marketers to be If you’ve been in the SEO space for a while, you’ll know executive email list that many prominent marketers and influencers spend their time on the platform, including Lily Ray, Rand Fishkin, Amanda Natividad, and scores more. It “humanizes” us We get to interact with our followers closely and in a more casual manner. This reminds people that we’re actively listening to their concerns and engaged in the SEO space. We’ve got a wide variety of content and resources: product updates, blog posts, videos on Ahrefs TV, free courses in Ahrefs Academy, and free tools like Ahrefs Webmaster Tools.

Twitter Marketing allows us

To amplify all of these in fresh formats, plus cover them in both breadth and depth. They’re also easily shareable (e.g., via RTs and quote tweets). And because it’s impossible Optin List for us to cover everything within our. Own content, we sometimes create threads based on others’ content—I’ll get to this later. Cracking the Twitter algorithm It’s common knowledge. That as long as you use a social media platform, you’re at the mercy of its algorithm. So how to crack it? Is there a formula to win the game? Unless you go the Google Sheets hacks route, the answer’s… no. (Were you really surprised?) The Twitter algorithm is constantly evolving, just like our social media strategy.