13 benefits of keyword analysis

This is actually the first and key element of the whole puzzle. Keyword analysis tells you how your audience searches for a specific product, service or information. When analyzing keywords, you will definitely notice that each phrase has a different search volume. This will allow you to determine the potential of specific keywords.

Learning the language of potential customers

The benefit Optin List of keyword research is learning the language your potential customers speak. Speaking the same language and using the same phrases will have a huge impact on the quality of communication. The appropriate selection of keywords will also help to increase the conversion rate, which I will discuss in more detail later in the article.

Understanding user intentions

Let’s say you are a young parent  Optin List whose baby is starting to crawl and becoming more mobile. Are you wondering how to protect them from the dangers that await them at home? When you enter the phrase “How to protect your home against a crawling baby?”, you are not looking for a specific product, but ideas for solving the problem.

By knowing the user’s intention, you can provide him with content that will meet his expectations. Keyword analysis is necessary to understand intent. Based on it, you will choose phrases,