Lead ads generating leads on Facebook and Linkedin

Lead ads are advertisements that allow advertisers to collect information about potential customers, without redirecting them to the company website or a specially prepared landing page. They are also called lead ads. Marketers and entrepreneurs most often use Facebook lead ads and Linkedin lead ads in their everyday activities.

What are lead ads?

In this format, traffic from the whatsapp number list campaign is not directed directly to the landing page where the recipient is supposed to fill out an advertising form. The user provides his/her data (usually name, surname and e-mail address, but also telephone number) when clicking on the advertising creation. What’s more, he doesn’t even have to fill them in manually, because the system downloads them from his Facebook or Linkedin profile.

Advantages of using advertising

automatic whatsapp number list data download using Facebook lead ads and lead ads allows you to eliminate the risk that the user could make a mistake (e.g. a typo) when entering data – even due. This is actually the first and key element of the whole puzzle. Keyword analysis tells you how your audience searches for a specific product, service or information. When analyzing keywords, you will definitely notice that each phrase has a different search volume. This will allow you to determine the potential of specific keywords.

You must compare search frequency data with the structure of the analyzed phrases. It may turn out that phrases with a lower search volume have greater sales potential. Similarly, words searched for more often may be informational phrases.