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Yusuf knew that the machine learning course material should be difficult to understand. Therefore, seeing that the learning process of IDCamp has brought good results to his own work performance, Yusuf strongly recommends future digital talent candidates to participate. He said that it is rare for a technical learning program to have solid and complete Indonesian language materials, as well as various case studies to make the learning process more memorable. “Although there may be projects like IDCamp, you have to pay an expensive fee, rather than providing very valuable materials for free like IDCamp. Therefore, IDCamp is suitable for people who have high enthusiasm for learning but limited funds.” When you are young, you must have high morale and constantly develop yourself.

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The field of education to make the knowledge you gain even more useful! Muhammad Yusuf Aristyanto: Continuous self-development of young developers. transparency The next pillar is transparency. Blockchain offers unparalleled transparency when it comes to whatsapp data bookkeeping and auditing transactions. This is because the entire transaction history from anywhere . Cannot be manipulated, so no one can delete . Change, and manipulate any data, including transaction . History that has been stored and verified by the blockchain network. immutability Finally there is immutability or immutability. Immutability here.

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Has been entered into the blockchain cannot be changed or destroyed. Each chunk of information contains data in the form of facts or details about each transaction, which is processed using a function called hashing. This hash value takes the form of an alphanumeric string generated individually from each block. By using hashes, you ensure that no one can interfere with the system Optin List used and change the data stored in the blocks. —— Check out the success stories of other young developers who graduated from the IDCamp program in the following articles: 3 tips for Indonesian digital talent to go global 3 benefits of learning programming at a young age From Decode Academy participant to Decode reviewer Achmad Ichsan: “Real developers must dream big.