During his studies Yusuf was required

It was this challenge that made the biggest impression on Yusuf. Yusuf feels a palpable sense of happiness when a program he creates works correctly because he truly understands the process behind it. “Programming knowledge seems to cover my whole life. When learning programming, we will encounter a problem. After that, we need to develop a solution framework, arrange the logic used, and then we can solve it with the programming language we use problems. I also use this method to solve various daily problems that I face.” Expand product portfolio and certifications with IDCamp IDCamp then became an important part of Yusuf’s learning journey. At first he realized his LinkedIn account wasn’t full yet. Attract attention through the ability to successfully gather Yusuf, who loves challenges and competition, immediately seized the opportunity. The developer with a passion for big data saw IDCamp as an opportunity to round out his product portfolio. 

He has his sights set on the certification

and portfolio segments. He racked his brain, thinking about how to fill this part. Eventually, Yusuf slowly filled in the gaps on his LinkedIn account with his learning whatsapp number list experiences. Until one day, Yusuf discovered IDCamp and thought of it as something else. In Yusuf’s view, IDCamp is a special learning project. Often, Yusuf found it difficult to find the machine learning he wanted. Most of the materials Yousef needs are English papers, which undoubtedly creates obstacles for Yousef. However, the opportunity IDCamp offered to explore machine learning for free was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him.

IDCamp also has many enthusiasts

In addition, and provides free programming courses. Although Yusuf knew that such learning activities were quite expensive. Therefore, Yusuf feels that IDCamp is a gift that he should not waste. IDCamp helps Yusuf further expand his machine learning knowledge. Through this scholarship program, Yusuf was able to complete advanced courses. Furthermore, Yusuf was impressed that he could present his portfolio to many people, especially professionals in the human resources (HR) field. In fact, Yusuf Optin List admitted that studying at IDCamp also helped him complete his thesis. “By attending IDCamp, I can teach a lot of people with my knowledge. My connections are growing. I am being seen by more people because I already have a lot of skills.” Not only judging from the passion that Yusuf pursues while working part-time, IDCamp is also considered to be very helpful to Yusuf in his full-time job. One of them is from a conceptual perspective. The learning process is conducted .

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