Muhammad Yusuf Aristyanto

 For light developers. Ambition, passion and the desire to continue growing are considered to be the three things that best describe this stage of most people’s twenties. These three descriptions are also recognized by the young coach Muhammad Yusuf Aristyanto (22 years old) who graduated from IDCamp. Yusuf is only in his twenties, but the experience he gained as a young developer is noteworthy. like what? Let’s look at the story below. Teaching is about cultivating passion Yusuf fills his time by juggling multiple responsibilities. He is a graduate of Statistical Computing from BPS School of Statistics and works full-time as a Computer Administrator at the Central Bureau of Statistics. 

He devotes his spare time

 To DQLab as a Technical Training Instructor and as a Seasonal Data Consultant at Data Bangalore. Consolidating his daily schedule by teaching outside of work hours is part of Yusuf’s efforts to cultivate his passion. Computers and mathematics are indeed two things that whatsapp database Yusuf has loved since high school, but “teaching” is his “third love” after graduating from college. Yusuf’s interest in teaching began during his fourth year at STIS. That’s when Youssef started building his LinkedIn account. This enthusiast of artificial intelligence and data mining courses subsequently gained many new contacts. His presence in cyberspace has given him many opportunities to learn technology online.

After enriching himself

with technology, Yusuf set about completing his studies and then working at the Central Bureau of Statistics. Unfortunately, Yusuf’s full-time activities were not sufficient to retain the knowledge he had acquired, so he had “nowhere to go.” Yusuf worried that the knowledge he had gained would be lost because it was rarely even used. Finally, Yusuf decided to teach. “When I teach, I’m not Optin List just sharing knowledge, I’m there to learn.” Solve problems with programming As mentioned before, Yusuf is a young developer who has been passionate about laptops and math since high school. These two things were the background for his choice to continue his studies at STIS BPS Statistical Computing, as this study program combines programming principles with statistical science.