Are Influencers More Effective At Direct Selling

For example, if a host says the material is made of PPC, most buyers won’t recognize what that is. But if you show it close to the camera and give some demonstrations to highlight its benefits and features, the viewer will understand it more.

This kind of demonstration is already informative to the customer — and you get their attention.

Show them that you have fun with what you do too! The best example of entertaining during live sales is Jiaqu Li.

Also known as the King of Lipstick

Direct selling is more than total selling. Direct selling is simply your way of creating and building relationships with your customers. After your live session, be sure to thank everyone for joining.

Whenever possible, send a personal message of thanks to those who buy. Answer any questions you missed during the session, and make sure your order is processed immediately.

Bonus question: Are influencers more effective at direct selling?
Brands that have seized the opportunity database to be direct in the marketplace are now leveraging influencers and hiring experts in their niche.

But here’s the thing that matters: Let your host’s real connection to the audience be the driving force of the session.

Consumers trust influencers compared to advertisements because they are less intrusive [* ]. But if the audience can see that it’s too scripted, it will lose that sense of authenticity — a very important element in eCommerce.

Start selling directly on the marketplace now before it’s too late


As consumers spend more time in their homes, they’ll be looking for something to kill time — and online shopping is one of them.

That’s why it’s easy to say that direct selling is the future of eCommerce. Online shopping will be more spontaneous as retailers and brands step in, and it’s no surprise that retailers will set up their live trade teams.

Learn the ropes now, before it’s too late! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to take advantage of the Split Dragon tools available to increase your brand’s visibility in the marketplace.

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