Attractive Content in the Form of Video

Video marketing has evolved from an additional content format that may or may not be used to become one of the most important and effective strategies in digital marketing.

According to data available on, in 2022, 87% of marketers said that video helped them increase website traffic.

What factors determine how long a website’s positioning will take?

When are positioning effects – what does it depend on?
One of the first steps in SEO is to conduct an audit of your website. An SEO specialist must analyze the condition of the website, assess how much work will be required to adapt it to the requirements of the Google search engine and how long it will take.

Structured Data the Google Search Engine

At the same time, the expert must analyze the competition to know what he needs to do and what actions to take to make the positioned website Whatsapp Number List stronger than the competition in terms of content, link profile and other factors that affect visibility.

On this basis, it can prepare an action plan, a set of steps necessary to defeat the competition. What factors influence when a website will become visible for key queries in Google?

Domain age
John Mueller was asked many times by Internet users about the impact of a domain’s age on its visibility in search results. The response looked like below. He suggested that it wasn’t a ranking factor – it didn’t matter.

User Experience Ux Voice Search Video Marketing

However, many specialists claim that this is not true, and it would be more accurate to say that.. it depends.

Pages that contain video content have a greater chance of appearing on the first page of the Optin List SERPs. In addition, statistics available on HubSpot tell us that over 60% of consumers pay the most attention to video content and it is video content that most often convinces them to buy a product.

Artificial intelligence has been one of the hottest topics in the digital marketing community for some time now. In 2023, its importance for SEO will most likely increase.

Google has been using AI for a long time in algorithmic mechanisms, advertising campaigns, and even in the previously mentioned Voice Search and Visual Search.

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