What can we expect in the SEO industry in 2023

There was a lot going on in the SEO industry in 2022 , and frequent updates to Google algorithms made it difficult for SEO specialists to achieve stable positions.

The good news is that 2022 is already behind us, the bad news is that the forecasts for 2023 may be even more terrifying. This year, Google focuses primarily on the well-being of the user, but that’s not all. What else can we expect?

This is what Google requires from content creators – the content must be expert, credible and written by an authority in the industry.

Creating content in accordance with the guidelines of the EAT parameter gained particular importance in 2018.

Google's extended EAT parameter

The Google search engine then introduced an update that caused many websites to lose their position. This change is commonly called Medic Update, because medical websites suffered the most.

In 2023, the EAT parameter will be even more important, as evidenced by its update. At the Whatsapp Database end of 2022, the Google search engine announced the addition of another E to the parameter name – now Experience, i.e. the experience of the person developing the content, also counts.

YMYL (Your Money Your Life) websites should especially pay attention to EEAT, i.e. those whose content may affect the life, health or financial situation of recipients.

Creating Content in Accordance With the Guidelines

In the first period of activity, the website begins to appear for more and more queries in Google, but on further pages of the search results.

In the next one, the first phrases may already be visible in the Top 10, and in the next one, this may translate into search engine traffic and conversion. How long all Optin List these stages will take depends on many factors. It is possible that the first results will be visible after a few weeks, but it may also take much longer.

However, in both cases it is worth waiting and watching how the website’s visibility develops. The advantage of positioning is that the results should be getting better each month, and after reaching a certain level of visibility, Google will become a reliable source of traffic, which translates into product sales and inquiries from Internet users.