Before you go spending your money

If your company still doesn’t have visibility on Google , and doesn’t use the searches of your potential customers to generate sales, we can help! Let’s talk without obligation? Just send a message here!When we look at the number of digital marketing actions that present themselves as opportunities for a company, we have to wonder how to decide which one to choose first. There are several possibilities, each with different focuses (and not all companies need all these actions or can afford them ). With that in mind, let’s quickly talk about the main strategies within the online environment, bringing out the following points about each one: what is it; what is the objective; when to invest; how to measure the result. It is important to clarify that this article will certainly not cover everything that digital marketing offers.

What is the indicator of this success

But wait, before you go spending your money , ask a few questions first: Who will access this site? What are this person’s interests and pains? How will my company monetize (generate results) with the website? What does the website need to have to achieve this success? What is the indicator of this success? With these answers, you avoid creating a useless website, which is just a virtual pamphlet and which ignores all the potential new data that the online environment brings. And, in the same way, your company already establishes an expectation regarding the result, in order to justify the investment in this new channel. 1.4.

The first thing that needs to be emphasized

How to measure the result: The first thing that needs to be emphasized regarding the website is that it needs to be monitored. Cases are not uncommon where companies have had websites for several years and they have no idea of ​​how many visits the website receives and also do not have any tool installed to pull this and other information. It’s worth remembering that Google Analytics is free, and very easy to apply to your website. That said, a tool like Google will offer a multitude of indicators that can be monitored. For this reason, your company needs to first define what it expects from the website: sales? visibility? If sales, measure: conversions on the website (forms, links, etc.); conversion rate (conversions Optin List  on accesses); pages that convert the most; type of traffic that converts the most (organic, paid, email, social, etc.).

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