comprehensive and carefully developed online sales training courses

The Academy of Effective Online Selling is a platform you can start using at any time. There is no pre-defined schedule here. This provides great flexibility and freedom of learning, as well as the ability to adjust its mode to individual needs.

The Effective Selling Academy training platform is a tool that will help you improve the work standard of the entire sales team in your company. Prepared online training for salespeople is a powerful dose of practical knowledge useful both for sales department employees and managers managing large teams.

Who is online sales training for

The online training platform Optin List for salespeople provides two-track development and sales training. Sales training is organized as part of the Academy. The meetings are held three times a month and are mainly intended to exchange knowledge and experiences. One of the most interesting elements of meetings are live telephone calls (so-called cold calling) to clients. MasterMindy will help you reach specific customers and acquire them by using techniques proven in practice.

Tematy szkoleń dla handlowców

Understand Optin List the importance of the problems your customers are calling about. Learn how to avoid common communication mistakes that negatively affect your company’s image. Learn how to take care of the customer and effectively deal with his or her problem at the stage of the first contact with the reception or administration. Find out how to start the conversation well so that you don’t have to rebuild lost trust later.

Do you want to improve your sales techniques? Online training at the Academy of Effective Selling will provide you and your team with the practical knowledge necessary to effectively close