Could it be that we don’t do it so badly? Copy of contents

Could it be, Those of us who dedicate ourselves to the world of blogging professionally. Or even as an amateur.  Are always exposed to the content we generate being copied and published on other websites or blogs beyond our control. On many occasions. Those people or companies (yes, sometimes they are companies or supposed online marketing agencies) that borrow your publication without prior notice.  Do not even mention you as the author or as the original source of said content. There are others who do it halfway. Because they put your name but without any link to your blog or social media profile (which is almost the same as nothing). That is a reality, whether we like it or not, very common in this great sea that is the Internet (there are sharks there too.

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Could it be, Without citing the author = stealing content Cite and link the original content at the end of the post = comply email leads with the “unwritten” ethical standard. I see it as normal that you like a phrase that someone else has said… It’s okay to be inspired by something that others write. But, if you use third-party content (to a greater or lesser extent) to develop or expand your own.  What is ethical and normal is to at least cite the source . «If you use content from others (to a greater or lesser extent). The ethical thing to do is at least cite the source» In my personal case.  Some of the articles that I have published in recent months have been copied. But although I do not agree with these practices . The truth is that I try not to take it too harshly.

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When writing a post I try to give as much as possible my most personal touch to both the approach to the topic and the writing style. So Optin List that if anyone has ever read something I have written and reads this copy they will quickly realize that it could be mine.  Or at least you have doubts. I link words to other articles on my blog , in this way if the post is copied literally and without worrying in the least about cutting or removing those links, each person who clicks on said link will inevitably end up on my blog (although Don’t believe it, there are some who have done it this way, many times I find out about the copy when I discover visits from other blogs in my statistics).