Tips for hotels new to Twitter

Tips for hotels, The vast majority of future clients of your hotel or hotel chain spend a considerable amount of time researching their different options and what is said about them on the Internet. For this reason. A social network like Twitter cannot be missing from your online marketing strategy . Why Twitter? Because it is based on real-time communication. And those of us who are dedicated to this tourism sector know that hotel reservations are also sensitive to the “time” factor. So, if you own or run a hotel . It is advisable for your establishment to have an active presence on Twitter and, in turn.  To be able to use this excellent online platform as effectively as possible. Tips for hotels new to Twitter. Which can help you get the most out of this social network.

Is your hotel new to Twitter?

Tips for hotels, When it comes to a hotel.  People often make snap judgments about it. Based on top people data their own vision or experience with your establishment. Or that of other guests. The same thing happens to them when they encounter your brand for the first time on Twitter. You must make sure that your hotel profile on Twitter is well configured and has a great Bio .  This must include abundant information with relevant keywords and Hashtags such as: «#Hotel «#Hostel». “#Tourism”. «# “Spa”.  etc. (but without abusing it). Include a professional photo or logo of your hotel in your Twitter profile and consider possibly creating a custom header and background that complements and highlights your corporate image (be original, but keep in mind that it truly represents your hotel.

Clarify your objectives and design a strategy

The profile is now set up to properly represent your hotel.  Now it’s time to find out what people are saying about Optin List it on Twitter (e.g. mentions) . Search for the name of your hotel or hotel chain (or its Twitter handle) and also include some additional parameters such as the city or cities in which it operates. Use the  connect tab to see tweets. Questions or retweets that mention your hotel positively or negatively. Repeat these processes.  But now with your main competitors as the center of that search.  To be able to inform yourself and/or see what is happening around you . You can also use social media monitoring tools (there are several specific ones for Twitter) , and configure periodic searches in them. Whichever tool you use.  Be sure to monitor.

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