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Think of the potential for a fashion blogger to utilize this technology on their own blog! This same technique can be used in every blog regardless of the topic. A copycat will never rise to the same level as you If your texts or products are copied, keep in mind that the copycat will never reach the same level as you. You are a pioneer, an innovator and a motivator, followed by copycats. He will always be one step behind you. That’s why I encourage you to always do your best and always write the best possible content for your readers. Don’t keep content hidden just because you’re afraid of it being copied or stolen. Consider it a motivator to create something wonderfully awesome in this world.

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 What comes to mind on the subject: Spring fashion for 30+ working women Coats Boots Accessories Wrinkle-free materials  vs. price Then we just combine benefits and topics: What is the benefit for 30+ readers to read about spring coats? Price –> Where can you get jackets cheaper, when should you buy a jacket? What new data materials are best; breathe, warm, keep the wind? What is the benefit for 30+ readers to know about spring shoes? Which shoes are suitable for walking / driving? Which shoes are good to stand in all day? In which shoe materials do the feet sweat the most? How do you prevent sweating in your shoes? Which shoe brands are the best value for money? This list took me about 7 minutes to make and I’m not even a fashion expert.

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If an idea comes to mind, I immediately write it down in my notebook. When a moment comes that I can’t think of anything to write, I take out the notebook and look through it. ) Also Read: Avoid These Mistakes When Starting Blogging Herring salad blogs frustrate the blogger Many bloggers imagine that by writing about everything possible between earth and sky, there will never be a shortage of topics. Unfortunately, the situation is just the Optin List opposite. 95% of bloggers who can’t figure out what to write about have a herring salad blog. Limiting the subject is scary. But a restricted blog brings manageability and structure to writing. Here is one example of how you can quickly come up with something to write on a limited blog: Subject: Fashion for women aged 20 – 35 (the topic could be narrowed down even more) Categories: Spring fashion for working women 25+ working in an office Leisure style for women 20+ Party wear .