You don’t have to explain yourself to others

I know that many people look at me askance in this digital age, but really, the brain needs something to do with hands. Even just “useless” drawing in the corner of the paper activates the brain.  notebooks, school books and even whiteboards at school? Take advantage of this same thing now and get into the habit of drawing on paper for 15 minutes a day. Before long, the subjects of the drawing change and you write words and sentences next to the drawings. of ideas, blog posts, social media posts, twitter tweets. ( Ps The computer shuts down every weekday evening at 5 p.m. At 7 p.m., I’ve usually done all the housework and sit on the couch for a while before dinner. I often sit on the couch with a pen in my hand and a notebook in my lap. Even if I don’t write anything in the notebook, that evening is a creative time for me.

All the best for the future

You shouldn’t try to change a hater. as much as possible, you have to accept that some readers just don’t want help. They would rather spend time and energy on negative things than trying to make a change in their own lives. The lack of creativity drives the blogger into a rut I noticed at some point that creativity new database is a big factor in building a successful blog. I suffered for a long time because I wasn’t creative, I couldn’t come up with anything new and wonderful to say and write. The truth is, creativity is like a muscle. The more you practice it, the more it starts to work. long you will not be able to stop the flood of ideas (namely 65 blog post topics written in a notebook waiting to be written + 59 blog posts in draft state) You might also like: What is evergreen content? How can you practice creativity? With pen and paper.

Do you remember how you used to draw in

 How to deal with haters? A hater just can’t be happy about the success of others. He thinks that the success of others is beyond him. However, the fact is that anyone can Optin List succeed when they are ready to go out of their comfort zone and work hard and long-term. Instead of being happy for others, the hater tries to do everything he can to highlight the weaknesses and bad sides of others. Focus on your own work and try to help your readers as much as possible. The less you react to angry people, the less they get a hold of you. Negative comments should be answered matter-of-factly: ” Hi, thanks for your comment. I really appreciate the fact that you dare to express your opinion honestly. ” Never stoop to the same level as a hater.

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