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This only increases the disorientation of both residents and potential tourists or investors. Community blog A way to change the image of the region In addition to creating the image of a city or region from scratch, you can also create a territorial marketing campaign that will correct the current image of a given place. This was largely achieve by Łódź, which a few years ago evoke different associations than a well-kept city of film and artists. Sometimes in this way it is possible to rebrand the city’s brand . However, such actions should be precee by such steps as a marketing audit or market research. This allows you to build a creible message that is anchore in reality.

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There have already been well-known territorial marketing campaigns that were completely forgotten after a few months because they were base on false assumptions that were difficult to identify with. Viral advertising: mega effect at low cost December 17, 2020 Community blog Viral advertising is the holy grail of marketing. Everyone dreams database that millions of people around the world will spontaneously start talking about him. On the other hand, it carries a certain risk that must be taken into account before starting the campaign. What is viral advertising.


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Viral advertising – definition What is the purpose of viral advertising? How to effectively use viral advertising? viral advertising viral marketing Viral marketing mistakes What matters in viral marketing? Where will you encounter Optin List viral advertising? Advantages and disadvantages of viral advertising Viral advertising – what to watch out for? Examples of viral advertising Viral advertising – how is it done? Viral advertising is a phenomenon and at the same time a sign of our times. This is not the era of expensive, months-long campaigns from traditional advertising agencies. Instead, it is increasingly necessary to act quickly, responding to current trends and using the most fashionable platforms.