Heatmap in 2022: Things to know to improve UX

Heatmap in 2022. Things to know to improve ux and seo matteo pocket – 15 july 2022 heatmap websites are still the main tools for online marketing. Even simple details can make a difference and determine different outcomes regarding the visits made by the target audience. Analysis is the principle through which company marketing departments are calle upon to evaluate the effectiveness or otherwise of a web platform. Among the tools capable of providing the best feeback. Also in terms of improving the indexing of the site from an seo perspective . We certainly find heatmaps. Let’s try to delve deeper into what they are and their functionality in relation to the evolution of the web. 

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“What to know about seo strategies for 2022” what are heatmaps or heatmaps. Heatmap heatmaps or heat maps or. In italian. Thermal maps. Are latest database an analysis tool capable of offering the visual representation of a website’s navigation data. Through a color scale. These maps are able to show analysts the way in which users interact with a page. At which points visitors click on links or buttons and if – otherwise – there are areas of the site in which they do not they interact. Download inside’s free guide now to discover all the 2022 seo statistics! Heatmaps. The advantages compare to other web data analysis tools one of the most significant advantages linke to the use of heatmaps is that of making the visualization of complex data extremely simple . As well as facilitating its understanding even by non-technical personnel. 

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The performance of a site or a specific page. Grouping a series of data that originates from the real behavior of users. The color levels the various heatmap models. Despite Optin List being develope by various suppliers operating on the market. Have similar characteristics. Focusing on a color scale that goes from blue to re. Blue indicates the areas of web pages where user involvement is zero or very low. While re colors the points where surfers spend the most time. Here then it becomes simple to understand what works and what doesn’t. Where to intervene in various ways. Both in terms of texts and images or positioning of the buttons. 

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