Hot Lead – a hot sales lead

A sales lead is a person or company that has a problem, has taken the time to look for a solution, and has decided that your company has the best solution for that problem. You can expect that such people already know your offer, compared it with the competition and are now ready to finalize the transaction. You need to quickly identify such leads and adjust your communication. If you treat a hot lead like a newbie, their enthusiasm may quickly wane and the sale won’t happen. Retailers must contact these customers as soon as possible.

Warm Lead – a warm marketing lead

A marketing lead is a person or company who already knows that your products or services can solve their problems. However, there is not enough knowledge or conviction to buy them from you right now. The main role of the marketing depime to Database makeartment is to generate as many warm leads as possible, support them through lead nurturing and lead to a situation in which people or companies will be ready to finalize the transaction.

Cold Lead – cold contact with the customer


If we were to use sales jargon, cold leads are nothing more than “japas”, i.e. people who walk into a store and just look. They may even have a problem that your services or products solve, but cold leads don’t realize it. The problem may not be important enough for them to look for a solution. Such people, which in a broad definition we could call leads, are not your potential customers. All attempts at contact usually end in failure. Of course, you can “heat” such leads, but leaving them alone often turns out to be a much better solution. These people will come back when they’re ready.

All right. I think that the answer to the question “what is a lead” is already behind us. However, it is worth clarifying two other issues that you may encounter.

What is lead generation?

Generating leads is a key task for both the sales and marketing departments. In short, lead generation is an organized process of collecting contact data Optin List of potential customers using various tools, technologies and marketing campaigns. The whole process should be scalable, semi-automatic and easy to optimize.