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A few weeks or months before the launch is also a great time to start positioning. Don’t worry that everyone will find out about your restaurant, which will not be ready yet . An SEO campaign usually starts to bring results after a few weeks, and they start to accumulate after a few months. Give yourself time to create some interesting blog entries for the restaurant, instead of writing them later in a panic after opening. Do you know how to stand out? We can help you. We have been successfully running our own business in the HoReCa industry for years Enter your e-mail, we will contact you How to promote a restaurant on social meia.

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Most restaurant owners pay the most attention to posts on their social meia channels. They are of course very important. However, in order to promote phone number list a restaurant in social meia, the most important thing is whether your profile: the phone number and address of the restaurant is provide, is there a menu and prices, local and thematic hashtags are correctly use, location tags are use, there are clear photos of the premises, entrance, dishes. This may seem so trivial as to be unnecessary. But remember, have you ever browse the profile of a place and left because you weren’t sure if the restaurant was open, and you couldn’t find the menu anywhere.

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If you use all of the above elements correctly, you can count on organic, accidental traffic on your profile , and in this way you will increase the Optin List effectiveness of sales . More and more people treat Facebook, Youtube or Instagram as search engines. If you appear in the results when a customer types “sushi Józefów” or “the best ramen in Krakow”, then you are one step ahead of the competition. If you also create a clear image in social meia , customers will be curious about your restaurant. For this purpose, it is worth reaching out to them with advice, as well as creating a story – narrative marketingthat will draw the crowds. It will take you a few seconds to add one post a day.