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In his case, you pay largely for your own brand, and famous restaurateurs also have better and worse ideas. Rather, focus on yourself that you trust and have actually been successful in in a segment similar to yours. If you have time, you can consult a few people. First, instead of clinging to the word of one fallible man, you gain a broader perspective. In addition, you can then get valuable advice from an expert in your industry – a famous confectioner will tell you how to compose cakes, but a former Sanepid inspector will speak about the sanitary law.

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Finally, there is the question of costs . Here again we can pleasantly surprise you. Unless you opt for a celebrity culinary service, advice doesn’t have to be expensive. Experts and authorities can often be met at workshops and lunches, and even whatsapp mobile number list ask questions during live or YouTube broadcasts. Many offer counseling sessions on Skype. After an hour of such gastronomic advice, having only a few hundre zlotys less, you can be richer for the experience that will make you successful. What advisers should you avoid? First of all – the already mentione advisors from distant countries.

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Their advice may be great, but you can never rely on them blindly. Some cultural differences are insurmountable. For example, if your customers do not accept aggressive marketing tactics straight from the USA or are not use to drinking wine with Optin List a lazy breakfast like the Spaniards, then you can only waste time and money trying to convince them to do so. When choosing an advisor, always check their references. If he can’t boast of more than 1-2 recommendations, or they don’t inspire your trust, rather look for someone more reliable. You can always visit one of the premises that have benefite from the help of an expert. You can judge for yourself whether the advice was right.