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What is the objective: For a company that already has a website and/or landing page, it’s pretty obvious what the next step is: visits. Using the metaphor we mention above, you already have the store. Now we ne to put people inside it. This is the primary objective of sponsor links: to drive people to your website . And then try to convert them into sales. It is true that some of these tools will offer other possibilities, such as post engagement or page likes. But, for companies that are starting their work in the digital environment, normally the return on visits to the website, and consequently conversions on the website, is more important than engagement results. 4.3. When to invest: Sponsor links offer the opportunity to generate results quickly and in a relatively objective way.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads

This is because investment in this type of mia is link to clicks. In other words, you only pay if  special data someone clicks on your ad . And, in theory, if the person click, they go to your website. So if your company publish its channel online and wants to start making money from it in the first few months, investing in channels like Google Ads and Facebook Ads is the best option. However, it must be made clear that this investment cannot be prioritiz in relation to disciplines such as CRO (improving website conversions) and SEO (generating unpaid visits).

This is because when a company focuses

It must be at least parallel. This is because when a company focuses all its generation of visits on sponsor links, it creates a dependence on this channel. In other words, if she stops paying, the visits stop. And, more serious than that, no matter how much you optimize your campaigns, the tendency is that the only way to increase visits is to pay more. And with that, your cost will only go up in the long term. 4.4. How to measure the result: As stat, sponsor  Optin List link platforms will deliver some key numbers that can be measur and optimiz: prints; clicks; cost per click; click rate; conversions; cost per conversion.

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