Optimization Steps to Speed ​​up Your Website

It is a waste and at the same time burdens my server.

understand image size and dimensions for optimization

So, although this thing seems simple, but the effect is very chronic.

This is the main problem that limits the speed of the blog.

Because it adds unnecessary weight and server load to your blog.

Knowing the cause of the problem is the first step. The second step is, how do we solve this problem?

WordPress image optimization processImage optimization is not difficult

Everyone can do it.

It just takes a little time and using the right Whatsapp Mobile Number List equipment so that the image is light and the quality is not compromised.

To perform perfect image optimization, I recommend these three basic steps:

The first thing you need to do is resize the image to the right size.

For images on blog articles, make sure you upload the image according to the width of the blog content column area.

Make sure not to upload images that are wider than the column area.

If you want to use the image in the slider, make sure the dimensions of the slider first.

How do you know the width of your blog’s content area?

Use the developer tools in your Mozilla or Chrome.

Right-click and select ‘inspect’ (or ‘inspect element’ in Mozilla), then click on the ‘ pick element ‘ icon.

image optimization method
An example of the Mozilla Firefox browser
After that there is only need to pass your mouse arrow to the blog content column area.

The dimension size will be displayed according to the pixel scale width x height

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An example of the blog content column area in this Optin List page is 600 pixels wide .

saiz-image Effective Tips for Image Optimization

So what I need to do is make sure the size of the width of my image does not exceed 600 pixels before uploading it into the entry that wants to be published.

Another alternative, you can use this chrome extension to make it easier for you: Page Ruler

Once you have managed to find out the size of your image dimensions, you can start using some tools to change the image size.

My favorite tool is Photoshop.

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