Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your Ideas

Give it all you know, and more good things will come back to you.

Surely you will remember the old school days, where there are friends who hide their answers from you by placing their arms over the exercise books or answer sheets.

Likewise later at work, you will find many people so secretive about their ideas.

They are worried that the idea will be criticized and called bad
They worry that the idea will be stolen

The problem that will happen when you keep hiding ideas, it will hinder your potential

Eventually the idea will become stale.

If you give everything you have, then there Phone Number List is nothing left for you.

This is what will force you to look further, to be more sensitive, to develop that idea again.

Somehow the more you give away the more comes back to you.

Ideas are open knowledge.

Everything is from God. Don’t claim ownership, don’t hide your ideas too much.

It will come back better to you.

If you still don’t know, sharing ideas is the best thing you can do.

After all it’s not 100% your idea either, it comes from someone else. It swirls around and expands before the small fragments of the idea are put together by you.

If you are an entrepreneur, then it is very important to share your ideas.

A person who is not ready to reveal his ideas is like a comedian who is not ready to tell his jokes

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So how can you start a great business if you’re still hiding ideas?

Take a look at Kickstarter.com for example.

save ideas

There many young entrepreneurs share their ideas with Optin List the world to build interest, raise funds, and get real customers before the project is built.

Do you think they are afraid of others stealing their ideas?

Entrepreneurs need to share their ideas with as many people as possible. Everyone you share an idea with is a potential investor, potential partner, or potential customer.

By keeping ideas to yourself, you lose dozens, if not hundreds of opportunities when you over ‘protect’ your ideas.