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As you might already guess from the name of the ad. a responsive search ad is a text ad on the Google search network that automatically adapts to the potential customer and shows them the most relevant ad version. Until now. search ads have been fairly static. meaning that the ad texts appear the same to every user. regardless of the search terms they use. This means more relevant ads than before. at the expense of control. In the text fields of the responsive ad.

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such as titles and descriptions. versions. from which Google chooses the best combination to show the customer. In its selections. Google uses information from e.g. about the users business database search behavior and the device us. Over time. you will receive feback from Google about the functionality of different advertising texts. Below is an illustrative image of creating an ad in the Google Ads user interface. Figure 1. Creating a responsive search ad in the Google Ads user interface Headlines must be written in at least three and at most 15 options and can contain a maximum of 30 characters.

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 Good content of customers – both new and old. The website should be seen as the tireless top seller of your online store. Your top seller tries to Optin List raise the price of the average purchase and remembers to offer e.g. volume discounts and product packages. thus enticing the customer to buy more at once. Finally In order to develop your online stores marketing to the next level. it should be test and develop over the long term. Find out what your competitors are doing online and find out what sets you apart.

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