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I will explain in more detail what responsive search ads are. what their benefits and challenges are. and finally a few things that we at SDM take into account when creating ads. What does the change mean for the advertising company Now is the time to collect all the lessons you have learn from the advertising done during them from extend text ads. These lessons are valuable when creating responsive ads. so that the previous work and testing is not wast.

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So go through your the advertising messages and angles that work best for each target group. Take these lessons with you when creating responsive ads and keep testing business lead different messages. If you are using extend text ads. you should not delete them directly. Whenever possible. a good approach is to test responsive search ads against older expand text ads within the same ad group. This way. you can quickly get data on how the functionality of these two types of advertising differs from each other in your marketing.

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Next. I will go through in search ad is. What is a responsive search ad In our MRACE® model. search ads are part of the REACH phase. and Optin List the Google search network is one of the most effective means of advertising in this phase. The purpose of the REACH phase is to increase the traffic of potential customers to your companys website. Ads on Googles search network are one of the most effective forms of advertising for all companies. regardless of industry or customer base.

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