The most significant differentiating factors

Learn more about Google Ads advertising and download the free buyers guide! DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE MIKKO Living the musical of his own life. the Maestro draws his wisdom from a colorful work history in industry. theater. radio. television. as well as Apple and Google. Mikko. also known as an artificial intelligence trainer. enjoys life in the wonderful world of Google Ads.

Google advertising

The use of artificial intelligence in is constantly increasing and business email list developing. as can be seen. for example. from the new campaign format Performance Max publish a while ago . This is also evidenc by the latest change in search ads. when at the end of June 2022 Google stopp the possibility of creating new or modifying old expand text ads. However. previously creat extend text ads still run normally and can be stopp and start again if necessary.

Responsive search ads will become

Despite this. switching to relevant for every advertiser sooner or Optin List later. With the change. the responsive search ads publish by Google in 2018 will take center stage. Responsive search ads have been the default ad format in search network campaigns since the beginning of 2021. so they are certainly already familiar to a large part of advertisers. Next. I will go through what the change means in practice for an advertising company. After this.