Students and That Today It Is

 In defense of some uncomfortable verses For his part, the militant optimist, the one who claims his right to remain on the shores bath by the waters of unconditional existential good cheer, directs his rapt gaze almost exclusively towards the bright side of life; That optimist admits, yes, that there is misery in the world, merciless chance, injustice and gratuitous suffering, but all of this, he thinks, is in principle surmountable, that uncomfortable hindrance is there, without a doubt, but it will not prevent him, sooner or later, the expect transition to a tomorrow occurs in which all men will live as brothers, fully enjoying the benefits of progress.

Routes to Follow in

 He sees the wonders of nature: only (or preferably) he gives rapt attention to the magical rainbow and the intimidating beauty of the voluptuous ocean and the infinite blue of the sky illuminat by the life-giving rays of our star. He sees the culture creat by man and the jewels his spirit has given life to, and business lead extols the miracle-working control he has achiev over the environment . He is mov by the outstanding personalities who have left teachings to the species embodi in a religion, in a peaceful movement of liberation, in the selfless and generous help given to ney humanity by saints and saints.

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Perhaps his spirit is exalt to tears when he notices that automatism of annual goodness that arises on the dates that the calendar commands to be celebrat. And it’s okay, so be it. Everyone rescues from life the tones and colors, the ideas and facts that they believe are impos or have more value, or that show what may be their true or ultimate meaning (or nonsense) . Due to temperament, due to Optin List poorly or well assimilat experiences, due to influences (good or bad), or simply because, and in rather general terms, it is possible to distinguish two attitudes towards existence: remaining (and striving to be) well inform about of the terrible sign under which humanity had to live, or placing everything in the background,