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The Tempest. And it is not that the goods of life – those that are exalt at the discretion of that unilateral optimist – are deni or lower, oozing bile, by the pessimist that Benetti speaks of, but that the awareness of the fugitive validity of those in contrast to The overwhelming persistence of the horrendous background that serves as their setting leads him to question the legitimacy of the vulgar optimism that has coin that cliché that with fervor perhaps worthy of better causes proclaims that “life is beautiful.

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The pessimist allud to by Benetti is one who looks into the abyss . Next to those flashes of order, beauty and harmony, to which the business database militant optimist pays preferential attention, that other, after a careful consideration of history and the events that challenge him in the present, perceives the basements of the human baseness. He feels them close, unworthily close. This pessimist – a dissident from the optimistic camp, after a good dose of information extract with his gut – knows and pays careful attention to the aberrations of which man has been capable.

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For example, he considers the slaughter of Christians and their terrible death in the Roman circuses, devour by lions. He remembers the Huns, and can almost see Attila’s hordes, and his horse treading the grass that he will never sprout again. He thinks about the cruelty of religious wars and the fierceness demonstrat by the Christian Church in persecuting alleg heretics, and its clos-mindness in hindering the free movement Optin List of scientific research. Remember how he forc Galileo to recant, condemning him to death and then commuting his sentence to an arrest that forc him to live lock up in his own house until his death, and how he threw Giordano Bruno and so many others to the stake, just for harboring ideas.

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