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Being well inform (I suspect) refers to the fact – let’s put it that way – of being attentive to the “B side” of existence, to that background that is always present , but to which – it seems that usually – not enough attention is paid – or, simply , is ignor – probably due to reasons of mental asepsis, perhaps of mental health, perhaps of emotional comfort: the miseries of which men are capable, the suffering to which the less fortunate are expos, the pain and chance that frequently arise – or not, but they appear anyway at some point and with the subtlety of a punch – in our lives.

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I insist: being well inform would mean having a clinical eye to capture the tragic dimension of existence, that is, discovering inexorable defeat, the evidence of essential failure: life surrenders its weapons in the face of death; material progress business email list implies moral barbarism; Religions proclaim peace and love, but they incubate fanaticism, wars and exclusion; Politics aims to organize men with reason and justice, but it generates social experiments that legitimize institutionaliz crime and injustice; In short, notice that the human experiment bears some dark analogy with that out-of-control monstrosity creat by Dr.

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 Victor Frankenstein: a naive and good-heart monster that ends up becoming a killing machine. Thus, being well inform would be equivalent to looking in the face at the evidence that emerges from a world that exudes inhumanity , and noticing how a chronic malaise is gradually incubating by noticing the essential ineffectiveness and ineffectiveness of the commitment to the pain of the who Optin List unjustly suffer more; experience a flash of shame at the peace that comfort offers when it is enjoy under the infamous shadow of deprivation to which millions on the planet are condemn; feel how helplessness and despair take us by storm before the onslaught of misfortunes, bitter fruits – the chance of nature; the irresponsible action of the man himself – that despite any prevention, even the most plann and scientific, spread his lethal abomination on the fragile human creature.

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