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Because Quilca is still there, animat by the restless spirit of love for culture in ink and paper that he plans for that belov shr and its surroundings, leaving a trail of solace for those who exercise the noble habit of reading. Go check it out.A pessimist is a pessimist and an optimist is an optimist. Information is another matter. In a tone that was difficult for me to distinguish (was there mortification in that message or was it simply a jovial admonition?), a cordial colleague wrote to me through the useful WhatsApp, shortly after I publish a status through this same application.

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 It was a short text (conceiv in the form of a haiku) that appears in Mario Benetti ‘s book , Haiku Corner . He pray that verse: «A pessimist / is just an optimist / well-inform» . I’m not trying to convince anyone. I do not claim a monopoly b2b leads on the truth. The only thing I want is to give my version of this haiku (poetic composition from the Japanese lyrical tradition that exhibits the fix 5-7-5 syllabic pattern) and propose a possible interpretation. Being well inform in this context, I believe, does not necessarily (or exclusively) imply being in possession of the information that is suppos to be held by someone

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Who assumes culture or claims for themselves the condition of being a person aware of current world events, information of the type that the newscasts, newspapers and political magazines Optin List eagerly cover. If so, that haiku would almost be assuming that one could not become an ucat person or someone critically interest in national and international reality and, at the same time, remain an optimist. Many die-hard optimists, who know themselves (or simply believe they are) cultur and inform, would reject this idea furiously or at least slightly uncomfortable (perhaps a little like my good colleague). But I don’t think that’s the tenor of those verses.

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