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Although, later, the cleanliness and elegance of the translation end for sucing me philip dick’s fascinating novel, do androids dream of electric sheep?; the complete works, in five thick volumes, of the aprista ideologue and philosopher antenor orrego, part of that generation of creators and activists who embodi the ideals of the revolution of ’32, deeply consistent with their ideas, who never tri to accumulate property or enrich themselves, and much less turning to crime.

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The only three novels that the great Ernesto Sabato publish, The Tunnel , About Heroes and Tombs , and Abaddón the Exterminator ; the disconcerting and at the same time intoxicating Stories of cronopios and fames , an unclassifiable set of stories by the immense Julio Cortázar ( I bought Hopscotch on Grau Avenue). The myth of Sisyphus , that book of essays that contains the tremendous b2b email list text that Albert Camus dicat to suicide; Existentialism is a humanism , Jean-Paul Sartre’s famous lecture; If this is a man , by Primo Levi, a book that mov my soul until it made me sob (his complete stories, a splendid volume of 800 pages, I couldn’t buy it, I remember, because I was short 10 soles; when I return, after 12 days, he had already disappear).

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 And many more. One of the latest (although found nearby, in a cozy bookstore in Camaná that was originally locat in Quilca) has been a hardcover volume Optin Listb containing four Shakespeare comies, part of a collection whose selective committee had as one of its members to Alfonso Reyes, the prolific and notable Mexican writer, and from whom I read his brief and substantial book Trayectoria de Goethe , also purchas in Quilca, many years ago. Anyway, books and more books, readers and booksellers, breathing life into those streets .

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