What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Permanent Contract

Duration: closely related to the type of contract. Check that the duration is what you agreed.
Rights by type of contract: find out what your rights are with respect .To said contract before signing.
Details of the position: make sure that they are specified in the contract and that they relate to the ones you agreed to in the interview.Type of contract: you have already seen that they are all very different. Make sure the contract matches the job offer you received.
Trial period: many contracts have a trial period whereby the relationship can be terminated prematurely. It should never be more than 6 months.

Amount for retirement

Team in charge: in case you are going to lead an area.Control the number of people in charge and the responsibilities.
Training: if you were promised continuous training in the interview.Check that it is included in one of the sections of the contract.
It will be directly related to the salary and the type Database of contract you have, so you should do the calculations before signing.
Notice period to your current company: remember that before signing your new contract. The law protects you to give fifteen days’ notice to your current employer.
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