Main Differences Between Fixed and Indefinite

Although the terms fixed and indefinite tend to be used as if they were the same type of contract, the reality is that they have nothing to do with each other.

The fixed contract has a fixed duration , which implies a start date and an end date. However, the indefinite contract does not establish any time limit , so it can be extended until the end of the employee’s working life.

Types of temporary contracts

These types of employment contracts in spain are established because the company. Needs a punctual worker for a position that will only be active during a specific period of time.

They are especially common because they entail a series of advantages for the employer. Such as lower compensation for the worker compared to permanent contracts.

There are several types, each with its own peculiarities that you must take into account

Interim contract
This contract between a company and a worker is intended for the latter to replace for a certain time the loss of another worker .Who is inactive for a period previously stipulated with the company.

Contract work or service
One of the most common types of temporary contract, since it allows .A worker to be hired for a period of time so that he or she provides specific services within the company.

These are specific contracts that the company Whatsapp Mobile Number List carries out to solve eventual situations that arise. Such as leaves, employee illness, maternity leave , etc.

By law they must not exceed 6 months in duration within the same year.

Fixed-term contract
These types of temporary contracts have a duration of less than 30 days.

Training and apprenticeship contract

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Especially intended for younger workers. Its mission is to insert these professionals into the labor market while providing training. Combining work and training activities.

Training contract
Aimed at professionals who are obtaining a degree. In a specific Optin List sector and want to obtain their first temporary job. To acquire the necessary professional practice for said degree.

10 points that you should watch before signing a contract.
Just as you would not contract a mortgage without reading the fine print. You should not underestimate all the sections that an employment contract has. Here we leave you 10 things that you should check several times before saying “Yes, I do” with your signature.