Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): why it is

Conversion rate optimization (cro). Why it is still important for companies’ digital marketing marco targa – 21 july 2022 conversion rate optimization even if this is not a breaking news. Within digital marketing it is good to delve deeper into various aspects relate to conversion rate optimization. Also widely known by the acronym cro . The application of this methodology. In fact. Can help companies maximize their results in relation to digital marketing campaigns and. More specifically. In the field of conversion marketing. You might be intereste in. .Increasing the customer conversion rate with marketing automation. What is cro and when should it be applie conversion rate optimization let’s start from the principles. Immeiately clarifying what the cro consists of.

Conversion rate optimization is a process that aims

To optimize the conversion rate of a website (in particular e-commerce sites) as well as other digital platforms (such as apps). In practice. It happens that a site can new data generate a good level of traffic without producing conversions. Meaning not only purchases. But also file downloads. Subscribing to a newsletter. Filling out a form and more. The conversion rate is define as the percentage of visitors who complete an objective. As identifie by the project’s relevant marketing department. Is your e-commerce not performing as you would like. Download the free guide now to discover business data. Common errors and best practices for online shops in 2022 how the cro works the cro is primarily use to carry out an analysis aime at eliminating any elements capable of hindering or preventing conversions for users potentially intereste in a product or service.

The application of interventions in the cro field

Essentially takes place on the basis of experiments. Or rather. Applying the principle of a/b tests. With the aim of investigating user behavior. During the tests. The Optin List audience of the company website is divide into several samples. These samples are shown different versions of the site. What does it mean. That each version will be characterize by a different composition of the structural elements – as well as naturally textual content. Images. Forms. Ctas. Etc. – of the page or pages you want to take into consideration. You might be intereste in. .How to promote your company website. The two essential requirements. 

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